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Firefight – Juego de mesa (Año 1976):


Descripción en inglés de Firefight

(BGG description:)

A tactical game of modern (late 1970's) mechanized combat, partly funded by the US Army as a training tool, to show the effects of the long range and lethality of modern weapons on the techniques and tactics of the modern battlefield.

Game components: 400 die cut counters, two 22" x34" geomorphic maps, rules booklet, briefing booklet.

(from the original SPI flat tray and z-pack cover sheet:)

Modern US and Soviet Small Unit Tactics

An Historical Simulation Game
the time is: The First Battle of the Next War

     Two separate 22" x 34" maps in four colors
     Terrain and target sensitive CRT's
     Individual, sequenced fire and movement

Firefight is game which highlights the dynamics of the modern battlefield. Each unit represents either one vehicle or one "fireteam" (four infantrymen).

The game scale is 50 meters per hex and 40 seconds per Game-Turn. Each Game-Turn is comprised of a Fire Phase, followed by a Movement Phase, during which the players alternate moving units (those that have not fired), and terminating with an Indirect Fire Phase, during which the players employ and assess fire from off-map artillery and mortar units.

Firefight makes extensive use of tables to express the strength of a firing unit against a particular target at a given distance. This strength (or firepower rating) is then referred to a Combat Results Table. This procedure allows us to rate different weapon systems versus different target types with much greater accuracy than heretofore. Another innovation is the integration of the terrain effects directly onto the CRT's. Results are colour-coded to graphically display the protection offered by woods, building and defilade (hull-down) positions. The whole effect is a much simpler, but more accurate system of combat.

Firefight is presented in three stages. Firefight I, II and III. Firefight I introduces the player to the fundamental game system. Firefight II introduces more complex rules, which add realistic effects yo play. Firefight III explores the effects of weapons systems presently under development.

(from the SPI soap box cover:)

Modern US and Soviet Small Unit Tactics

A Fascinating Future-History Simulation Game
the time is: The First Battle of the Next War

What if the US and USSR were to meet in a conventional war? Firefight highlights the dynamics of today's battlefield and includes an intensive survey of battlefield tactics and doctrine. The range and lethality of weapons in each country's service are contrasted as players use the tactical deployment of their combined arms system to test the capabilities of their small tactical units. Firefight simulates this possible conflict on a map based on US Army specifications of probable terrain conditions. Colorful cardboard playing pieces move, position, and engage for battle through a superimposed hexagonal grid, which functions like a chessboard's squares. Simple probability charts determine each combat's outcome.

Contains: comprehensive historical situation briefing; 20 page rules booklet; 400 die-cut cardboard playing pieces; two different 22" x 34" soft map sections; and various playing aids.

Level of Complexity: Moderate
Average Playing Time: 2 hours
Suitability for Solitaire Play: Moderate

Número de jugadores:

De 2 a 2




Jim Dunnigan

Empresa/s Editoras:

Decision Games (I)

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