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Field of Glory

Field of Glory – Juego de mesa (Año 2008):


Descripción en inglés de Field of Glory

Field of Glory is a set of historical miniatures rules for ancient and medieval tabletop battles.

From the designers:

In Field of Glory you will take command of an army which consists of approximately 10-15 battle groups led by the C-in-C and his senior commanders. The game has been designed to ensure that, just as in reality, the commanders (you) are fully occupied with decision making from the outset. Your key objective is to outmanoeuvre the enemy army and concentrate your forces at critical points in the battle. This will then destroy the enemy's will to fight, deal a devastating blow to the morale of their commanders (your opponent) and allow you to win.

Our companion army list books will contain historical overviews and the organisation of hundreds of accurately researched armies, ensuring that your battles will be able to have a realistic and historical feel.

Also, in reality, some armies would be relatively small, consisting of as few as 5,000 men, whilst others would be enormous. Field of Glory will allow you to see what might have been had these forces been equally matched, using a points system, as each army can then be scaled up or down whilst retaining an individual mix and balance of troops to create “what if” encounters.

We started with a blank sheet of paper and looked at a wide range of possible mechanisms. Some concepts are entirely new. Others may look familiar at first glance, but interact with the rest of the rules in a completely new way, giving Field of Glory a style all its own.

In Field of Glory our most important objective is to make the game fun to play whilst retaining a strong historical feel. So whether you fancy being Alexander the Great or Ghengis Khan, it's up to you, happy gaming and may your dice roll high!

Field of Glory version 2.0 is now available in book format.

Número de jugadores:

De 2 a 4




Simon Hall

Empresa/s Editoras:

Osprey Publishing

Versiones y expansiones

¿Versión original ó Expansión?:

Este juego es la versión original!

-Field of Glory Companion 10: Oath of Fealty

-Field of Glory Companion 11: Empires of the Dragon

-Field of Glory Companion 12: Blood and Gold

-Field of Glory Companion 13: Lost Scrolls

-Field of Glory Companion 1: Rise of Rome

-Field of Glory Companion 2: Storm of Arrows

-Field of Glory Companion 3: Immortal Fire

-Field of Glory Companion 4: Swords and Scimitars

-Field of Glory Companion 5: Legions Triumphant

-Field of Glory Companion 6: Eternal Empire

-Field of Glory Companion 7: Decline and Fall

-Field of Glory Companion 8: Wolves From the Sea

-Field of Glory Companion 9: Swifter Than Eagles



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