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¡1, 2, 3! Ahora me ves

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1, 2, 3! Ahora me ves… – Juego de mesa (Año 2013):


Descripción en inglés de 1,2,3! Now you see me…

The animals on the farm are playing a game of "red light/green light", but they decided to change a few of the rules without telling Bonaparte the pig! Are you ready for the surprise?

In 1,2,3! Now you see me..., one of the players takes a bunch of animals, lets them fall on the table, and asks the rest of the players to close their eyes. While nobody is looking, he takes an action with the animals (move an animal, add an animal, hide an animal, or trade places with two animals), then tells his friends to open their eyes.

Let's see if they know which animal (or animals) took the action! Each player who gives the right answer scores 1 point, then it starts all over again!

Número de jugadores:

De 3 a 8






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