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Ludo – Juego de mesa (Año 1896):


Descripción en inglés de Ludy Ludo

Ludy Ludo is a time-honored tradition in the West Indies that originated centuries before in India.  Like most circle and cross games, Ludo evolved from Pachisi, with which it shares some game mechanics. There are many variations on play.

The object is to get your four Markers "born" and safely "to Heaven" before your opponents and without capture.  The roll determines your fate:  a 6 causes your Marker to be born and gives you an extra roll.  If your opponent lands on a square occupied by one of your Markers, it's back to Bornless for you.  If Lady Luck is on your side you can protect your Markers by placing two in a square to form a Bar and block your opponents.  The path to Heaven is rife with exciting twists of fate.

In all variations of play, the first player to get all his or her Markers into Heaven wins.

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De 2 a 4






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Caribbean Memories Collection

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