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Crucigramárius – Juego de mesa (Año 2013):

Resuelve los crucigramas.


Descripción en inglés de Enigmàrius

In 1913 in New York published the first crossword puzzle. In a century, the art of hiding words has evolved. From newspapers, riddles have jumped to the radio and Internet.
From the literal definition ("leaven" for "yeast") we have moved to the use of double meaning: "The element of bread that has a predilection for the heavy metal" (yeast).

Whoever solves a crossword feels the need to invent more.

Enigmàrius (Catalan edition) and Crucigramàrius (Spanish edition) give you the tools to solve them and learn to make them. A dynamic competition allows complete verbal words in a simple cardboard games levels, intermediate and advanced. You must solve a randomly selected crossword, find an anagram, choose between three possible senses or just a word containing a certain letter. But maybe you should also try the other players one by posing crosswords you can make yourself with the help game components.

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